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I first heard about Southeastern Technical Institute through my friend who was enrolled in the Medical Assisting Program. She told me to look into the school and see what they offered. I instantly became interested in the Dental Assisting Program.I originally went to Massasoit Community College for nursing, I found out that the nursing field was not for me. After that I fell off the college train and took a full-time position working as a cake decorator. Fortunately, I also got hired for a front desk position at a dental office. I had been wanting to go back to school for a while and decided that if I did, I would go into the dental field. Once I saw that STI offered a Dental Assisting Program that included learning Expanded Functions skills, I ran with it. This was a sign that it was time to go back to school.The biggest obstacle to overcome was to get myself to start and sign up for the program. I was afraid I would not be accepted and that made me postpone for a whole year before I actually filled out the application. The fear of starting something new is real!I chose STI because it was close to home and more than affordable. Another local program I was considering was longer and more expensive. I did not want to spend another two years in school. Also, the office I had worked in actually had a dental assistant who was an STI student and spoke highly of the program. I happened to look at the school’s pictures and saw him and knew I was in the right place!I am three months into the program and what I love the most is the hands-on work with the actual tools and materials we will see and use in a dentists’ office. It’s invaluable being able to go into the field with experience & not just book knowledge. In the future, I see myself advancing in the dental field. I would like to continue school and become a dental hygienist. After that I want to work hard and be part of the state’s dental board and hopefully contribute to the advancement of the dental field. The advice I would give to someone considering enrolling at STI, is that it’s going to be a lot of work but you will have passionate teachers who will help you get through the program –  it will be okay!

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