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Tuesday evening, June 14th,  was a truly memorable event as the first “normal” graduation since 2019.  Eighty-four graduates from 9 programs were able to cross the stage in front of almost 600 guests.  Several members of STI’s school committee were in attendance as well as incoming Superintendent of the Southeastern Regional School District Holly McClanan. Thank you to our student speakers Jazlynn Santiago (Medical Assisting), JacksonSwain (Dental Assisting), & alumni speaker Michael Trowbidge. Congratulations to the many students who received awards, scholarships, and accolades to mark their achievements.

Outstanding Vocational Student Toolship is presented to the one student in each program who has excelled in the clinical or hands on component of the program. They are awarded a piece of equipment or tool that will be useful them in their new career.

Mekayla Smith, Cosmetology     Jadyn Wilson, Dental Assisting     Daniel Liboalm, Electricity      Francis Fitzgerald, Machine Tool Technology    Sarah LeMar, Medical Assisting (day)

Ty Garcia, Medical Assisting (evening)    Paul Sullivan, Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies    Shane Froio, Plumbing

Federation Scholarships Each year the Southeastern Regional Teachers Federation Local 1849 provides scholarships to STI students. Scholarship winners are nominated by faculty members of the federation.

Brenna Hill, Cosmetology         Ashley Brodie, Dental Assisting         Alysha Butler, Electricity         Shewendgu Eurase, HVAC         Wilmadys Pagan, Medical Assisting (evening)

Jazlynn Santiago, Medical Assisting (day)        Jessica Shea, Machine Tool Technology         Stephen Fitzgerald, Plumbing

Medical Assisting Instructors Award presented to the student who consistently demonstrates a high level of dedication, leadership & integrity.  Faith Thomas

Cosmetology Licensure Scholarship financially supports a deserving student through the State Board Licensure exam.     Kirsten Wright

Pacific Dental Services Foundation for application excellence & a heart for service.     Jackson Swain    Mickaela Loonie

Drs. John & Peter Veale Scholarship for outstanding students.     Breelan Crays    Meredyth Gallagher

Dr. Guidaboni Goo da boni Educational Scholarship in memory of Dr Richard Guidaboni    Elizabeth Pickering

American Dental Assistants Association- Merit Scholarship for demonstrated leadership ability and academic excellence   Stacey Sampson

Endodontic Center Scholarship for a student that has shown interest in the specialty of endodontics.  MacKenzie Whiting

Perfect Attendance  Paul Sullivan, Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies     MacKenzie Whiting, Dental Assisting

Joseph E. Donovan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a plumbing student who has maintained perfect attendance and provides a scholarship for the remaining coursework necessary to become a Journeyman plumber.    David Hague    Benjamin Furtado

STI Plumbing Excellence Award provides a scholarship for one year of continuing education for students who have perfect attendance for one semester.

Thomas Constantine, Stephen Fitzgerald, Shane Froio, Andrew Garcia, Joseph Leay,  Jostil Willis

Ted Hannon Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an electricity student with perfect attendance.   Daniel Liboam

STI Electricity Excellence Award provides a scholarship for one year of continuing education for students who have perfect attendance for one semester.

Michael Beato Cordero    Delcio Silva      Alylsha Butler

Southeastern Regional School Foundation Scholarship STI students are nominated by faculty & staff & selected by the Foundation’s Scholarship committee.

Michael Beato Cordero, Electricity     Jennelle Madden, Medical Assisting

Some words of praise & encouragement from the Director of Southeastern Technical Institute, Pat Illsley : “You have managed classes, labs, shop, exams and homework. You have juggled jobs, children, parents, partners and much more. You have worked diligently, fought through hardships  and reveled in your triumphs. You are ready to become professionals in your chosen field. Thank you for choosing to be part of the STI family. Remember to take the time to appreciate all that you have accomplished and congratulate yourself for a job well done!”

If you, or someone you know, would like to join the STI Class of 2023 click here for more information!