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On Friday, March 17th, members of the Medical Assisting community came to STI to participate in a Panel Discussion. The date was planned just prior to students embarking on their Externship rotation at STI the following week. The discussion focused on how students can make the best impression while at an externship site and as they navigate a job search following graduation. Qualities such as enthusiasm, initiative, attention to detail, accountability and reliability were cited as important in establishing a student’s credibility and demonstration of a desire to learn. We appreciate the time and input from all attendees!

Sheila Beattie, Practice Manager at Taunton Urology

Holly McClanan, Esq., Executive Director of Human Resources for Southeastern Regional School District

Carol Miller, MSN, STI Practical Nurse Program Faculty

Jillian Waugh, BSN, Southeastern Regional Health Services Program Instructor

Cristina Barros, MBA, STI Student Services Advisor

Rhonda Jermyn, STI Admissions Advisor

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