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Testimonials are from STI graduates in our Medical, Trades and Service programs. Use the right and left arrows to scroll through testimonials.

Jedaiah D. Perrier, LPN Class of 2019

My aunt told me about the school. Then when I went to the open house, the program was everything I was looking for. The program’s timing was great and in 10 months I could not say no to that. Everyone was welcoming and believed in you. I found the class times were convenient. I was in the day program and it worked out great for me to make time to study. Clinical was great. I was eager to learn, and I learned a lot there. All the staff was so supportive of me. They were so helpful when I didn’t understand things. All the instructors encouraged me to push myself and keep going, but Mrs. Waugh stood out as my counselor and my clinical instructor and teacher. Mrs. Waugh definitely believed in me more than I believed in me sometimes. When I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end she would encourage me to keep pushing. I had so many good experiences I can’t pick one. My favorite has to be the potluck we planned at the end of the school year to celebrate our accomplishments. If you want to be a nurse this is the school. You should do it now. Be a nurse, they got you. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

Medical Assisting Class of 2019 Student

The best part of Medical Assisting was the faculty. I enjoyed the way that Mrs. Williams related her experiences in the healthcare field to the topic we were discussing in class. The class also helped me to pick out medications when going over a history in my externship. I liked that we were able to use Schoology, being it the first time I’ve ever used it, because it was an easy way to keep track of what assignments were coming and I was able to get a head start on looking over slide shows so I would be able to ask questions in class. It also was convenient to have as an app on my phone to study for exams. I love Ms. Becker’s enthusiasm for teaching and that she wanted us to succeed from the beginning and never gave up. It left an impact on me and I respect her highly for that. I feel that Mrs. Beer’s knowledge of the content matter that we were learning helped me understand anatomy. It also helped tremendously when we first learned how to break down a word root in the beginning of the year so that when we learned a system, we could break down what exactly was happening.

Medical Assisting Student Class of 2017

The Medical Assisting Program at STI was more than I hoped for. The job readiness aspect of the course was very helpful. I learned a lot about the interview process and what future employers are looking for when reviewing resumes. I enjoyed doing the blood pressure and pediatric clinics during the year. I hope you continue to do it in following years because it is a great way for the students to get practice on other people besides classmates. Also like doing the study sessions before a test.

Mrs. Beer’s lectures are always very thorough and informative. I always felt like I took something away from them. The teacher’s themselves really just helped me learn. It was the perfect mix of fun yet down to business. Perfect for me.

Mrs Williams is excellent! She’s knowledgeable and has great experience related stories. The class discussions were always relevant and thought provoking. Although we sometimes got off track, I saw nothing wrong with that because we were gently guided back by Mrs W.


Stephanie Ameen, 2017

I heard about the Dental Assisting Program through a few friends who also went to STI. They always had great things to say about the school and how much they enjoyed it so I signed up and it was the best decision I ever made. Everything was excellent. The class time was used wisely. I feel I learned what I needed to in order to pass my boards. Shop time was my favorite, learning new skills for the first time was very exciting. As for my externships, I thought all the offices were amazing and very helpful. 

Without the faculty and staff being there just even for the moments of doubt and when you felt stressed, I don’t know how I would have made it through without them. They were amazing. Shout out to Cristina Barros for helping us all out with financial aid and all the other things we didn’t have a clue about. She made it easy and simple to understand and get done!

Graduation was hands down the best experience. Just knowing all the hard work you put in, paid off and you have your whole future ahead of you. Not a better feeling than that! It’s never too late to change your life! STI changed mine!

M. Montalbano, CDA, ’19

I wanted to go back to school start a new career, always loved Dentistry. My boyfriend was getting a root canal therapy at a specialist in Taunton. He was so impressed with how the DA there liked and performed her job. He asked her where she went to school. She was very enthusiastic and confident when she told him about STI. She said “ this is the school she needs to go to.” We both did some research and agreed that it was the best choice for me to pursue a new career.

I like that the Dental Assisting Program is very fast pace, you have to work hard, there’s no other choice. It forces you to be organized and productive, you find out that you can achieve these goals, and you know what the outcome will be. It is very clear that you will be successful and have a new career if you work hard and give it 100%. It’s extremely rewarding to be part of something new, to have knowledge about it. You become a part of this amazing community of professionals, a new world, but you knew so much about it before you got there. I enjoyed externship very much. It helps you see the real world of how your new life will be.

The faculty are extremely knowledgeable. They keep the motivation and excitement going. They are always there to help you navigate through the journey. I had many great experiences at STI . The chairside labs and workshops were a favorite. I think graduation day was the best one, after working so hard it was an amazing feeling to be there and to share this with my family and everyone. 

To future students, we control of our future, education is a key part of it, it will always be. With knowledge, determination and specially with hard work, you can improve your life and have a very productive career, and if you are lucky enough to get started early you will always be ahead, with plenty of time to grow more and more, go as far as you want to go. Time is our must precious asset. We should never waste it.

I would say that if you want to change your life and improve every aspect of it, focus on this goal for a few months, work the hardest you ever had and you can achieve this, you can start to build a great career that will be rewarding from day one. You will definitely change your future, you will improve your quality of life, and be able to have more of the things you want for yourself and of course more time to enjoy them.

Practical Nurse – Class of 2020 (part-time)

I was very pleased with the PN program. It really requires a commitment to put the time and effort into the classwork and clinicals to get the most out of the program. There is a tremendous amount of information to learn and then develop the ability to make judgement calls using that information. The instructors were wonderful, knowledgeable and very approachable when I had questions. I feel this program has well prepared me for the NCLEX as well as a career as an LPN.

Hannah and Haylei Conte – Class of 2017

Haylei and Hannah Conte are recent high school graduates who are enrolled in STI’s Medical Assisting Program.Hannah wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do after high school but was thinking about the medical field. Once she learned about Southeastern Technical Institute,and decided to attend, she knew she made the right choice. “STI requires a lot of studying but the hands on procedures are perfect for someone like me.” Her sister Haylei was planning to go on to an expensive school after high school “but I realized I wasn’t sure of what I even wanted to do for so much money. When I heard about STI it sounded like the perfect place for me.” She liked that it was fast paced and that she would begin a career after graduation in June. They both chose STI for its affordability and supportive environment. Hannah’s biggest motivator is “knowing that by the end of the academic year I will be doing something that I love.” Mrs. Beer has been Haylei’s motivation as she “has definitely pushed me to be the best student I can be. When I was struggling in class she did all she could to help me improve. I also like how small the class size is because it’s more personal.” Both Hannah and Haylei see themselves working in the Medical Assisting field long term. Their advice to students who are considering STI would be to study! “It’s not always easy and it takes a lot of effort but it will pay off in the end.”

Stormy Wood – Class of 2016

I heard about STI from my dad who works at Southeastern. During my senior year of high school, I was very lost and had no idea what I wanted to do after graduation. Going to a big college and spending crazy money (all while trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life) didn’t seem right for me. When I first heard about STI I didn’t know what to think. But after my interview with Mr. Degan I decided to give it a try! Going into school I had no clue about the dental world and was very nervous. Dr. Hassan assured me that with lots of hard work and studying I could do it! Those nine months were crazy and there were times where I didn’t think I was going to make it but as they called my name at graduation and I walked across the gym I felt a huge wave of accomplishment. I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today if it weren’t for everyone at STI. The reason I chose STI over other Dental Assisting programs is because they are an accredited school. This means that the bar is set high to reach expectations set by the state and is reevaluated each year. The class sizes are also smaller than most schools allowing for more one on one learning experiences. My biggest motivators were definitely all the instructors. They came in every day excited to teach and always pushed my classmates and I to do our best – not only with school work but chairside as well. What I like most about STI is the hands-on learning. We were able to learn about something in the classroom and then actually perform the task right there in the lab. I was also able to graduate as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. This means that as an assistant I’m allowed to perform more tasks than most. Five years from now, I hope to grow further in the dental field and graduate from Dental Hygiene school. During my year at STI, I was lucky enough to intern for Tufts and was hired right after graduation. I am thankful for this opportunity and see myself working here for a long time! Cristina assists with job placement after graduation which is very helpful! I would tell the students considering STI to go for it! They have intense programs so work hard and in the end it will be worth it.

Medical Assisting – Class of 2012

I heard about STI through my CareerWorks counselor. I was laid off as a mortgage processor and had decided to try something new. I had always liked to care for people so I thought medical assisting would be a good choice. The cost of the program at STI was much more reasonable. I didn’t want to have to carry a big loan when I got done with a program.

At STI I liked the smaller classrooms, it felt more personal. Our teacher, Mrs. Beer was our greatest cheerleader…she believed in us and showed it through her actions. I also liked that this program was Sept-May. The other programs I looked into, you started when you applied. These other schools felt like they were herding people. I liked the idea that this program was a more normal timeframe and that you were with the same students from beginning to end.

In the future, I hope to work full-time in a doctor’s office. For future students, I recommended they look around, go to other schools and check out their programs. In the end, you will see why STI is the best choice.

Cindy M.

Practical Nurse – Vicky W. – 2015 Grad

Good afternoon Mrs. Aguiar,
I hope all is well and that this school year is off to a great start already. I just want to say thank you for your patience with me throughout the nursing program. You truly have the gift of teaching, especially the hands on part (clinical). I learn best hands on, and being in your clinical or lab group was the best experience. You took your time to teach/review procedures and made sure I was comfortable enough to do it on my own. I remember if not late September than it probably was early October, I stayed after with you for extra help on Fundamentals, and to go over my test #2. I had a 68% on that exam, and although a 68% was a big improvement from my exam #1, it was still not a passing grade.

I was so angry, frustrated, discouraged and confused, I was ready to give up. The passion, understanding and determination was most certainly there for me. I didn’t understand why my grades weren’t reflecting that. When I told you that I was ready to give up, you said “Why? you’re only two exams in and you have 3 more to go, you can do it!” You said the students that struggle with their grades usually make the best nurses, the knowledge is there but they’re just bad test takers even though they understand the material. They are usually the ones who want it bad enough and will do anything to reinforce the material and make sure their knowledge reflects on paper.

You were the main instructor who reassured me that I can most certainly bring my grade up, just don’t give up. You gave me different strategies to help reinforce the material more. You suggested listening to podcast, rewriting my notes, going over my exam and for every one that I got wrong check off what you did. I took your advice and it worked.

Overall I just wanted to say thank you, you may not have realized how personal I took your advice but I took it very personal. You are a phenomenal nursing instructor. Looking back now I’m SO happy that I stayed after with you that day, and extremely proud of myself for not giving up. Successfully completing the Practical Nurse Program was a blessing, and passing the NCLEX on my 1st attempt was an even greater blessing, and I owe a BIG thank you to you.

Practical Nurse – O.O. – 2014 grad

I chose STI after a thoughtful comparison and analysis of its Nursing Board Licensure exam results. Class time was as regular as any intensive full time studies schedule. I didn’t have to come back for classes against my work or family life schedule. I opted for full-time studies and the class time fitted into my expectations. The clinical period was no joke. We were exposed to all we basically needed to know, no half- measures, no laziness or indiscipline. Faculty and staff were very helpful. They were ready to stay after school to explain difficult areas. They really encouraged us and offered tips to lessen even our non- academic problems. Mrs. Aguiar & Mrs. Miller are exceptional in this regard. After my studies, they continued to help in my job search and referred me to jobs. Just can’t thank them enough. There were moments of confusion & outright tears that l had to confide in Mrs. A. Her soothing words, gestures and advice encouraged me never to give up. I still don’t know what l could have done without her. The student support staff is amazing. Cristina always sent job fliers to all graduates, encouraging us to apply, asking to know our experiences and challenges, giving tips for preparation for our job interviews and so on. Mrs. Miller’s humility and ‘down to earth’ approach during my clinical experience at the Veteran Hospital, Brockton. She is a professional to the core. She worked side by side with her students, without any feeling of superiority. STI is the best school for the Practical Nursing Program. I have already referred many prospective students.

Dental Assisting

I chose STI to better my future and lead me to an outstanding career path. I liked that we got to do a lot of things hands on. I also liked how we switched rotations and got to experience more than one specialty. The faculty did everything they could to help get the students through the program. They really cared about the students succeeding. My best experience at STI was graduating. It felt so good to earn my certificate. In the beginning at open house I was told it was an intense program but didn’t realize how intense it would actually be. For future students, study, take extra notes on the side, highlight details that stand out, and focus, because you will need most of what you’ve learned in the dental world.


Medical Assisting – 2014 Grad

I chose STI because it was affordable and close to my home. At STI I liked that the time spent in class was always well utilized. There was never a wasted moment or boredom. It was filled with so much information to take in. For externship, all the details were worked out before you even got there. You knew where you were going and what to expect. You also met with your predecessor beforehand so you knew at least one familiar face before you went on your first day. STI staff is A+! They all know what they are teaching and offer their own experiences in the field. My best experience at STI was graduation! I also liked that CPR was included in the curriculum. It is a challenging program but you will be completely equipped and prepared for a job in the workforce.

S. Richard

Medical Assisting – 2012 Grad

STI was a great experience for me.  Our class was like a family; we were close, supported each other and made being in school again a positive experience.  The teachers could be tough but kept me in check also.

Since I graduated in 2012 I worked as a medical assistant floating at Signature Healthcare.  I gained experience in internal medicine, family practice, orthopedics and eye services.  With the experience I gained there I then went on to working in an optometry office as an optometric technician.  It pays a little more than medical assisting and believe it or not there is a lot to know about eyes, and it can be interesting.  I don’t think a lot of people know that there’s a lot of different positions you can work in just from becoming a medical assistant.
STI definitely has been the root of my beginning of many career opportunities and helped me find myself.  Recently I started online courses at Quincy college to start towards becoming an RN.  I am doing it very part time and hoping to be finished within the next five or so years.  That is my ultimate goal.
Steph D.

Plumbing – Class of 2019

The instructor always enjoyed teaching our class and made it worth coming to class. He was very well known in the industry with a lot of good information. He also tried to help us get employed during the summer break.

Plumbing – Class of 2019

The instructor put a lot of effort and sometimes his own tools, into teaching us. He helped us get a lot of certifications and had a very engaging teaching style.

Electricity – Class of 2018

I enjoyed working in the electrical shop hands on with the projects, and also to observe the teachers show how it is to work with wiring in a commercial building. The teachers have a thorough understanding of the code books and explained it to us in a way to easily to understand it.

Electricity – Class of 2019 Student

The most positive aspect of this program was instructors knowledge on the trade and ability to teach us the same knowledge. They are all relatable and approachable. It’s great to see the projects work when you are done!

HVAC Student – Class of 2016

I liked the HVAC program because it was all brand new to me. It was great working hands on with the things we are learning about instead of being in a classroom all the time.

HVAC Class of 2018 Student

The best part of HVAC was the variety of things you learned, all the different equipment, working with sheet metal, autocad, and being prepared to go work. The hands on experience and how much the teachers help you with any issues you’re having in the class is great.

HVAC Class of 2017 Student

The most positive aspect of the course is having a readily available teacher to assist me in any difficulties of learning I may be having. This field of work has
such a wide variety of jobs there will be something you are good at. I also liked having the ability to perform hands on projects is very helpful in a field as such. It taught me how to build air systems and work with other tools. It was easy to ask questions and engage in real world applications within the classroom.

Culinary Arts – Alberto B. – Class of 2015

I was looking for a career change. I was working in the corporate world and wasn’t happy. I decided to enroll in the culinary program for that change. I wanted to do something I loved. STI helped me with that change. I heard about STI through a local career center and BAWIB. I chose STI for a few reasons. Cost was a big part of the decision, but most of all it was for the personal attention and the way the program catered to the needs and wants of each student. Aside from my family as motivation, I would say the instructors were unbelievably attentive and the knowledge they brought into the program made it hard not to be motivated. They were always available to talk 1 on 1 and they help me grow as a chef and as a person. Over the next few years I hope to open my own establishment and help others like me make their move/change. I hope to motivate others to reach their own goals and aspirations. I would tell future STI students; do it, do it for your future, do it for your dreams. I would invite them to visit the facility and to contact any of our alumni, especially me!

Cosmetology – Tommy L. – Class of 2016

I graduated high school not really being the best student. School was always a challenge. Going to STI was a complete game changer for me. I graduated from STI with the highest of honors, which was a big accomplishment for me, & I’m now  a licensed cosmetologist. I chose STI because the cost  & the hours were better than any other program in the area. The location is also close to home. My instructor, Ms. Pestana, was one of my biggest motivators. Anytime I wanted to give up she would encourage me until I succeeded. I owe all my success to her.  The staff & instructors were so helpful.  Even Mr. Degan went above & beyond to make sure we had everything we needed to be successful young adults. In 5 years I see myself one step closer to my dream of owning a salon. I still want to be behind the chair with my clients but maybe also become an instructor motivating young adults.

Culinary Arts – Tiffany – Class of 2016

I just graduated high school last year and I was so excited to start a new chapter in my life. I knew that I always wanted to become a pastry chef but I just didn’t know where and how to start. I knew that I would have to go to school for this and it wasn’t going to be very easy. I wanted to ensure that I picked the right school, the best location, and the school that would benefit me. Money was also a factor in the choice. STI fell in my price range and I also went to SERSD for high school, therefore, I was very familiar with the setting and location. My biggest motivators are my parents. They have always stuck by my side and have always pushed me to reach my dreams and goals. They have never let me down and I strive to make them proud. There is a lot I like about STI. The first thing I would like to say is that Amy is very helpful and makes all of my problems so easy to solve.  Cristina is also extremely helpful. When it was time for the FAFSA forms to be completed I had no idea what I was supposed to do and Cristina helped me through the process. The chefs at STI are the best! The amount of information being taught can be overwhelming at times, however, Chef Peterson  finds a way to make it easier to  understand. Chef Irber makes learning fun and has built up my confidence. Chef Maiden teaches me the skills to be a better baker and encourages me to go for my dream of being a pastry chef. Finally, Chef John  knows so much about the culinary field and is training me to become a better chef. In 5 years, I see myself working as a pastry chef and making my parents proud.

Culinary Arts – Jennifer Reese – Class of 2020