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The 10 months that I’ve spent in the practical nursing program were no joke- especially during a global pandemic! The daily online zoom classes & weekly Covid testing was stressful. With exams, clinical 3 times a week, online simulation( and working 20 hours week at the hospital)you have to dedicate a majority of your time and effort towards your studies and your future nursing career in order to be successful. It takes some sacrifice to propel yourself into a better career. However, with the support of the amazing & intelligent students around me, it made the journey well worth it and easier to manage. The instructors were excellent, friendly and supportive throughout the year. We really became a big family despite spending much of the time on Zoom. The biggest piece of advice I have for future nursing students is really try to understand and grasp the content as opposed to memorizing. If you understand the pathophysiology of a certain disease everything else will follow. I’m glad to say I will be graduating with honors and I look forward to working as a licensed practical nurse in the near future!

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