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Good afternoon Mrs. Aguiar,

I hope all is well and that this school year is off to a great start already. I just want to say thank you for your patience with me throughout the nursing program. You truly have the gift of teaching, especially the hands on part (clinical). I learn best hands on, and being in your clinical or lab group was the best experience. You took your time to teach/review procedures and made sure I was comfortable enough to do it on my own. I remember if not late September than it probably was early October, I stayed after with you for extra help on Fundamentals, and to go over my test #2. I had a 68% on that exam, and although a 68% was a big improvement from my exam #1, it was still not a passing grade.I was so angry, frustrated, discouraged and confused, I was ready to give up. The passion, understanding and determination was most certainly there for me. I didn’t understand why my grades weren’t reflecting that. When I told you that I was ready to give up, you said “Why? you’re only two exams in and you have 3 more to go, you can do it!” You said the students that struggle with their grades usually make the best nurses, the knowledge is there but they’re just bad test takers even though they understand the material. They are usually the ones who want it bad enough and will do anything to reinforce the material and make sure their knowledge reflects on paper.You were the main instructor who reassured me that I can most certainly bring my grade up, just don’t give up. You gave me different strategies to help reinforce the material more. You suggested listening to podcast, rewriting my notes, going over my exam and for every one that I got wrong check off what you did. I took your advice and it worked.Overall I just wanted to say thank you, you may not have realized how personal I took your advice but I took it very personal. You are a phenomenal nursing instructor. Looking back now I’m SO happy that I stayed after with you that day, and extremely proud of myself for not giving up. Successfully completing the Practical Nurse Program was a blessing, and passing the NCLEX on my 1st attempt was an even greater blessing, and I owe a BIG thank you to you.THANK YOU SOO MUCHH!!!!!! – Vicky