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I chose STI after a thoughtful comparison and analysis of its Nursing Board Licensure exam results. Class time was as regular as any intensive full time studies schedule. I didn’t have to come back for classes against my work or family life schedule. I opted for full-time studies and the class time fitted into my expectations. The clinical period was no joke. We were exposed to all we basically needed to know, no half- measures, no laziness or indiscipline. Faculty and staff were very helpful. They were ready to stay after school to explain difficult areas. They really encouraged us and offered tips to lessen even our non- academic problems. Mrs. Aguiar & Mrs. Miller are exceptional in this regard. After my studies, they continued to help in my job search and referred me to jobs. Just can’t thank them enough. There were moments of confusion & outright tears that l had to confide in Mrs. A. Her soothing words, gestures and advice encouraged me never to give up. I still don’t know what l could have done without her. The student support staff is amazing. Cristina always sent job fliers to all graduates, encouraging us to apply, asking to know our experiences and challenges, giving tips for preparation for our job interviews and so on. Mrs. Miller’s humility and ‘down to earth’ approach during my clinical experience at the Veteran Hospital, Brockton. She is a professional to the core. She worked side by side with her students, without any feeling of superiority. STI is the best school for the Practical Nursing Program. I have already referred many prospective students.