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The best part of Medical Assisting was the faculty. I enjoyed the way that Mrs. Williams related her experiences in the healthcare field to the topic we were discussing in class. The class also helped me to pick out medications when going over a history in my externship. I liked that we were able to use Schoology, being it the first time I’ve ever used it, because it was an easy way to keep track of what assignments were coming and I was able to get a head start on looking over slide shows so I would be able to ask questions in class. It also was convenient to have as an app on my phone to study for exams. I love Ms. Becker’s enthusiasm for teaching and that she wanted us to succeed from the beginning and never gave up. It left an impact on me and I respect her highly for that. I feel that Mrs. Beer’s knowledge of the content matter that we were learning helped me understand anatomy. It also helped tremendously when we first learned how to break down a word root in the beginning of the year so that when we learned a system, we could break down what exactly was happening.

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