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I wanted to go back to school start a new career, always loved Dentistry. My boyfriend was getting a root canal therapy at a specialist in Taunton. He was so impressed with how the DA there liked and performed her job. He asked her where she went to school. She was very enthusiastic and confident when she told him about STI. She said “ this is the school she needs to go to.” We both did some research and agreed that it was the best choice for me to pursue a new career. I like that the Dental Assisting Program is very fast pace, you have to work hard, there’s no other choice. It forces you to be organized and productive, you find out that you can achieve these goals, and you know what the outcome will be. It is very clear that you will be successful and have a new career if you work hard and give it 100%. It’s extremely rewarding to be part of something new, to have knowledge about it. You become a part of this amazing community of professionals, a new world, but you knew so much about it before you got there. I enjoyed externship very much. It helps you see the real world of how your new life will be.The faculty are extremely knowledgeable. They keep the motivation and excitement going. They are always there to help you navigate through the journey. I had many great experiences at STI . The chairside labs and workshops were a favorite. I think graduation day was the best one, after working so hard it was an amazing feeling to be there and to share this with my family and everyone. To future students, we control of our future, education is a key part of it, it will always be. With knowledge, determination and specially with hard work, you can improve your life and have a very productive career, and if you are lucky enough to get started early you will always be ahead, with plenty of time to grow more and more, go as far as you want to go. Time is our must precious asset. We should never waste it.I would say that if you want to change your life and improve every aspect of it, focus on this goal for a few months, work the hardest you ever had and you can achieve this, you can start to build a great career that will be rewarding from day one. You will definitely change your future, you will improve your quality of life, and be able to have more of the things you want for yourself and of course more time to enjoy them.

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