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For Jacqueline King, a career in nursing had been a dream since she was 18 years old. She had taken college courses sporadically but it seemed that life kept getting in the way of nursing school. While raising a family, she continued to take nursing courses. This past year the opportunity arose to take the TEAS exam and she passed! With 5 children, the next hurdle for Jacqueline was paying for school. Things worked out with financial aid and she was able to use both grant money and student loans.

Jacqueline first heard about STI through an alumnus who attended the LPN program and had gone on to get her RN and eventually her Bachelors’ degree. The alumnus is now a Nurse Practitioner and credits STI’s program as the very foundation of her nursing career. When Jacqueline looked into other schools, they either didn’t accept financial aid or didn’t offer a bridge program which is her ultimate goal. She thinks she would enjoy working in hospice as an RN. Other factors influencing her decision to enroll were STI’s academic reputation, affordability and it’s location is 10 minutes from home!
Jacqueline’s children are her biggest motivator. She wants to further her education and career to better their lives and wants them to see first hand what hard work and perseverance can accomplish. They have witnessed the challenges and obstacles she has faced in order to create a balance between providing and caring for them while attending school. When feeling fatigued or overwhelmed Jacqueline’s children remind her why she pushes herself; she strives to be the best mom and future nurse that she can be.
What she likes most about STI is how the program is set up and the small class size. She has bonded with other students and made new friendships. The staff is friendly, supportive, and each instructor has their own teaching style. She enjoys lab where they learn and practice the skills required for clinical and on the job. In summary it’s the people – students, faculty, & staff.
Jacqueline’s advice to prospective Practical Nurse students: “Take heed of the instructors recommendations. Be prepared to make a few friends – not only to have others to chat with both in & out of class but because they will be there to encourage you. There is a sense of comradery. Going into the program willing to assist others and accept assistance for yourself will help you succeed. Your nursing friends will be your study partners, your therapists, and biggest cheerleaders!”
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