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I was always interested in a career that would allow me to be hands on and work with people. It was important to me to have the knowledge to help others, as well as the skills to match. I have always struggled with school and book work and was worried that I would never be able to handle the course load STI would ask of me. This was not an easy program, but it was 110% worth it. My biggest motivation at the start of the program was my family. I could not have gone to school without them and I would never have graduated without their support. As the end of the program neared I found I was also my own motivation….When others believe in you, you start to believe in you too.The staff at STI goes above and beyond to match your hard work. This CODA accredited program teaches you hands on skills and background knowledge about being a DA but you also get so much more! I was taught compassion, professionalism, Sacrifice, time management, responsibility, gratitude, teamwork, ethics and perseverance. The work load is intense but it is manageable and prepares you for “the real world”.  So much work is put into designing a top of the line curriculum. The reputation that STI hold speaks loud and clear of their hard work.I have never experience a more dedicated, professional, welcoming, personable, conscientious group of educators or staff. From day one each and every one of them remember names and stories, and I could not have asked for a better education! They incorporate all learning styles and aspects of what it takes to go through the program, graduate, find work and succeed in your profession. No detail is left behind, and they do it all because they love what they do and believe in it, it is so inspiring!I am leaving the doors open for my future. I may continue my education into hygiene, or stay working as a Dental Assistant. No matter where I end up though, STI’s DA program has taught me so many fundamentals to being a professional, and so many skills when working with the public. They have boosted my confidence and skill set. I know I will be a life long learner whatever path I take.If you are passionate about being a dental professional this is a top notch program. Each and every staff member plays a roll in your success and is there to support you. The program will push you to your limits at times and when you push back with hard work, dedication and TIME MANAGEMENT, you realize you are stronger than you think! The best part of all of this is that no one has to wait for a light at the end of the nine month tunnel, STI’s program is a process that can also be enjoyed.