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Electricity – Class of 2019 Student

The most positive aspect of this program was instructors knowledge on the trade and ability to teach us the same knowledge. They are all relatable and approachable. It’s great to see the projects work when you are done!

Plumbing – Class of 2019

The instructor put a lot of effort and sometimes his own tools, into teaching us. He helped us get a lot of certifications and had a very engaging teaching style.

Electricity Class of 2020 Grad

The most positive aspect of the course was the teachers and how much they helped us understand exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. I liked being able to work hands on while learning the code book and learning the small details.

Electricity Class of 2020 Graduate

The teachers have created a positive learning environment for all of us students and have worked hard to make sure that we’re all learning the skills necessary for our future careers. Great job everyone on keeping all this going despite the pandemic, we’re...
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