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Susan McElhinney, MA ’20

Susan McElhinney, MA ’20

I first toured Southeastern Regional High School with my daughter when she was considering attending here. I kept thinking that I should have come here for high school years ago.” A few months later, Susan was driving by and saw the sign for Adult Education Open...

Medical Assisting – Steph D – 2012 Grad

STI was a great experience for me.  Our class was like a family; we were close, supported each other and made being in school again a positive experience.  The teachers could be tough but kept me in check also.  Since I graduated in 2012 I worked as a medical...

Dental Assisting – Sarah – 2013 Graduate

I chose STI to better my future and lead me to an outstanding career path. I liked that we got to do a lot of things hands on. I also liked how we switched rotations and got to experience more than one specialty. The faculty did everything they could to help get the...

Practical Nurse – Anonymous – 2013 Grad

I chose STI after a thoughtful comparison and analysis of its Nursing Board Licensure exam results. Class time was as regular as any intensive full time studies schedule. I didn’t have to come back for classes against my work or family life schedule. I opted for...

Medical Assisting – S. Richard – 2014 Grad

I chose because it was affordable and close to my home. At STI I liked that the time spent in class was always well utilized. There was never a wasted moment or boredom. It was filled with so much information to take in. For externship, all the details were worked out...
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