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Machine Tool Technology (Advanced Manufacturing) Course Descriptions


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Course Description

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Trimester I

Principles of CNC Machining and Operations

#1MTL01 | 235 hours

The basic concepts of manufacturing operations are introduced in this course. An introduction into computer numerical control (CNC) machines and the role of the machine operator are taught. Manual machining is explored as well including materials, quality, grinding and assembly. Proper operation and selection of instruments to properly care and maintain tools and gauges is covered along with fundamental principles of hand tools, drill sharpening and basic cutting theory.


#1MTT02 | 11 hours

This course gives a basic overview of OSHA’s role in prevention and elimination of work-related illnesses and injuries. It includes information about employer and employee rights and responsibilities, and a very brief look at the inspection process, reporting and recordkeeping. Students will achieve their OSHA 10-Hour certification.

Related Science I

#1MTT03 | 54 hours

Introductory instruction into technical math and computer applications related to manufacturing are incorporated into this course. Students will utilize algebra and geometry in reading blueprints, machining processes and techniques. Computer aided design (CAD) software/3D printing is also introduced in this course enabling students to draw basic 3D parts, import and make simple alterations.

Trimester II

Principles of CNC Machining and Operations II

#2MTL01 | 140 hours

This course will further develop the student’s ability to setup and operate a CNC lathe and CNC mill. Reading and editing of CNC programs, maintenance of tool holders, tooling and work holding, and produce a production run of parts to the print tolerance. Students will write and troubleshoot programs for the mill and lathe through editing software and CNC control.

Career Readiness

#2MTT02 | 25 hours

This course is designed to provide students with job readiness skills to meet the challenges in today’s workforce. It enables students to enter the workforce with an understanding of what is needed and expected in their job search. This course will also address some common job readiness skills such as cover letter preparation, resume preparation, and more.

Related Science II

#2MTT03 | 135 hours

Students will learn manufacturing quality control and be able to perform common inspection processes. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software is introduced for students to draw and import designs, select tools, setup speeds and editing through program software. Lean manufacturing concepts are taught to optimize efficiency and reduce waste. Robotics and automation theory in this course introduces the basic principles and concepts of automated systems and describes the tasks that technicians perform on the job.

Trimester III

Principles of CNC Machining and Operations III

#3MTL01 | 190 hours

This course will enable the CNC Machinist student exposure to basic macro programs, sub programs and 2 & 3 axis programming for lathe & mill. Advanced manufacturing through layout, bench work and job planning. Each student will design, program, and manufacture an assembly of machined parts.

Career Internship

#3MTL02 | 90 hours

This course is designed to provide students real-world experience within the advanced manufacturing industry. The student will be placed in an environment that helps them further develop their skills within the field.

Related Science III

#3MTT03 | 90 hours

This course is a continuation of the manufacturing environment. Students will be introduced to troubleshooting automated equipment like pneumatics, hydraulics, motors and controls. This portion of the course will also expand in multi axis machining operations through setup, programming and inspection.