Medical Assisting – Class of 2012

I heard about STI through my CareerWorks counselor. I was laid off as a mortgage processor and had decided to try something new. I had always liked to care for people so I thought medical assisting would be a good choice. The cost of the program at STI was much more reasonable. I didn’t want to have to carry a big loan when I got done with a program.

At STI I liked the smaller classrooms, it felt more personal. Our teacher, Mrs. Beer was our greatest cheerleader…she believed in us and showed it through her actions. I also liked that this program was Sept-May. The other programs I looked into, you started when you applied. These other schools felt like they were herding people. I liked the idea that this program was a more normal timeframe and that you were with the same students from beginning to end.

In the future, I hope to work full-time in a doctor’s office. For future students, I recommended they look around, go to other schools and check out their programs. In the end, you will see why STI is the best choice.