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The Mission of Southeastern Technical Institute is to transform students into lifelong learners. The Mission and Goals are organized around four core philosophies; the Mastery of Foundation Skills, the Development of Interpersonal Skills, Proactive Student Engagement, and a commitment to Stretch Learning Initiatives.

In the past 45 years Southeastern Technical Institute has provided training in several vocational areas, constantly striving to meet the training needs of our students and area businesses. At the present time, the Technical Institute offers day and evening Practical Nurse Programs, a Medical Assistant Program, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Program, Dental Assistant Program, Culinary Arts and Cosmetology. In addition, there are several evening part time programs designed to meet the training needs of our community.


Culinary Arts – Alberto B. – Class of 2015

I was looking for a career change. I was working in the corporate world and wasn't happy. I decided to enroll in the culinary program for that change. I wanted to do something I loved. STI helped me with that change. I heard about STI through a local career center and BAWIB. I chose STI for a few reasons. Cost was a big part of the decision, but most of all it was for the personal attention and the way the program catered to the needs and wants of each student. Aside from my family as motivation, I would say the instructors were unbelievably attentive and the knowledge they brought into the program made it hard not to be motivated. They were always available to talk 1 on 1 and they help me grow as a chef and as a person. Over the next few years I hope to open my own establishment and help others like me make their move/change. I hope to motivate others to reach their own goals and aspirations. I would tell future STI students; do it, do it for your future, do it for your dreams. I would invite them to visit the facility and to contact any of our alumni, especially me!

Culinary Arts – Tiffany – Class of 2016

I just graduated high school last year and I was so excited to start a new chapter in my life. I knew that I always wanted to become a pastry chef but I just didn't know where and how to start. I knew that I would have to go to school for this and it wasn't going to be very easy. I wanted to ensure that I picked the right school, the best location, and the school that would benefit me. Money was also a factor in the choice. STI fell in my price range and I also went to SERSD for high school, therefore, I was very familiar with the setting and location. My biggest motivators are my parents. They have always stuck by my side and have always pushed me to reach my dreams and goals. They have never let me down and I strive to make them proud. There is a lot I like about STI. The first thing I would like to say is that Amy is very helpful and makes all of my problems so easy to solve.  Cristina is also extremely helpful. When it was time for the FAFSA forms to be completed I had no idea what I was supposed to do and Cristina helped me through the process. The chefs at STI are the best! The amount of information being taught can be overwhelming at times, however, Chef Peterson  finds a way to make it easier to  understand. Chef Irber makes learning fun and has built up my confidence. Chef Maiden teaches me the skills to be a better baker and encourages me to go for my dream of being a pastry chef. Finally, Chef John  knows so much about the culinary field and is training me to become a better chef. In 5 years, I see myself working as a pastry chef and making my parents proud.

Cosmetology – Tommy L. – Class of 2016

I graduated high school not really being the best student. School was always a challenge. Going to STI was a complete game changer for me. I graduated from STI with the highest of honors, which was a big accomplishment for me, & I'm now  a licensed cosmetologist. I chose STI because the cost  & the hours were better than any other program in the area. The location is also close to home. My instructor, Ms. Pestana, was one of my biggest motivators. Anytime I wanted to give up she would encourage me until I succeeded. I owe all my success to her.  The staff & instructors were so helpful.  Even Mr. Degan went above & beyond to make sure we had everything we needed to be successful young adults. In 5 years I see myself one step closer to my dream of owning a salon. I still want to be behind the chair with my clients but maybe also become an instructor motivating young adults.