The Medical Assisting program at STI is national accredited by the American Association of Medical Assisting, therefore allowing the graduate to sit for the national exam upon graduation to be a certified Medical Assistant (CMA). The application for admission and all documentation is forwarded to the Medical Assisting Admissions Committee for Review.

  1. Provide education to students respecting different learning styles.
  2. Use clear instructions and evaluation methods.
  3. Teach all entry-level areas of competencies required for accreditation.
  4. Provide educational materials to students using new and challenging concepts.
  5. Provide an education that develops the full potential of the willing and able student.
  6. Prepare the graduate to be self-assured, responsible, and competent in  the field of medical assisting.
  7. Develop confidence and abilities in those students lacking these attributes.
  8. Teach students to perform skills within the boundaries of the medical assistant’s scope of practice.
  9. Establish within the student the continual desire for learning.
  10. Continue a professional relationship with the graduate and the employees/employer for the promotion of medicaL assisting.
  11. Teach subjects necessary for the preparation of the Certified MedicalAssistant Examination.