Semester I

Electricity Theory I (Tier 1)                                                1ELT01          200 hours

This course covers the two modules required by the Electricity board to complete the first 150 hours of tier 1.  Included in Module I is jobsite and electrical safety, introduction to the NEC and Process, DC/Alarm Theory and Basic Math.   Module II covers Electrical Bonding and Grounding, Low Voltage Systems and Controls, Fire Warning and Security Systems, Design and Testing (NFPA 72).

In addition, students will learn about the fundamental circuits and how to correctly apply them.  They will develop an understanding of the terminology used in the field.  A focus is the development and interpretation of wiring diagrams, and understanding of the stock required and the development of the stock list for each project.


Safety                                                                                    1ELT02          15 hours

Students will be oriented to safe practices in the shop and with all equipment at tools. At the completion of this course students will obtain the OSHA 10 certification.


Electricity Applications I                                                   1ELT08          220 hours

The project-based course provides students with the opportunity to apply theory to practice.  Through this course, students will develop the skills required to complete the basic installation of electrical power in a residence.  Students will actively wire receptacles, switches, and lights, adhering to the required of the National Electrical Code (NEC).


Job Readiness                                                                     1ELT08          15 hours

This course is designed to provide students with job readiness skills to meet the challenges in today’s workforce. It enables students to enter the workforce with an understanding of what is needed and expected from them in their job search. This course will also address some common job readiness skills such as cover letter preparation, resume preparation, and more.

Semester II

Electrical Theory II (Tier 1)                                             2ELT01          145 hours

This second semester course covers the requirements set by the Electricity board to complete the first tier.  The two modules include:  Module III includes NEC application of DC Theory, Massachusetts Electrical Code and Amendments (527 CMR 12.00) and Wiring Methods.  Finally, Module IV covers Fiber, data and Communications Wiring Systems, MA Laws and regulations pertaining to electrical wiring, and conduct of technicians an apprentices including inspection requirements.


Electricity Applications II                                                 2ELT07          155 hours

This second semester project based course builds on previous learning.  Students will learn the basics of installing electrical systems in commercial applications.