Semester I


Fundamentals of Dental Assisting Lab I is a performance based course with foundation knowledge lectures.  Dental assisting skills presented in this section include; hand hygiene, ergonomic positioning, seating and draping patients, lab safety, selection of personal protective equipment (PPE), donning and removal of PPE, selection and implementation of chairside barriers, maintenance of dental units, sterilization of instrumentation, surface disinfection, syringe assembly, sharps removal and disposal, intraoral topical placement, operative tray set ups, Tofflemire/matrix band assembly and application, hand piece and rotary instrument care, and manipulation of dental cements. The composition and properties of the dental materials used will be taught at an in-depth level.


DENTAL SCIENCE I                                                      #1DAT02         75 hours

The Dental Science I course is designed for the student gain in-depth knowledge of dental terminology and oral anatomy which includes oral dentition for the adult and child, complete diagnosis and charting, tooth morphology, caries and periodontal disease, dental embryology, and histology. Dental charting instruction and practice are provided in Dental Science. This course covers an anatomy and physiology component which discusses cellular tissues, the integumentary system, and the other human organ systems at a familial level.  The main focus of this subcomponent is placed on the interrelationships of the systems, related terminology, and diseases with emphasis placed on dental related conditions.


CHAIRSIDE LAB I                                                         #1DAT03         45 hours

Chairside/Preclinical Laboratory I emphasizes and teaches the dental materials and their applications used at chairside for fourhanded dentistry in general practices. The students practice procedures and use multiple materials employed in general dentistry.  Emphasis is placed on procedures for which the dental assistant is directly responsible. The course is designed to prepare the students to chairside assist in their clinical externship and learn the role of a chairside dental assistant. The Chairside includes foundation knowledge of the restorative and esthetic dental materials and techniques of procedures including etching and bonding agents, amalgam, and composite procedures.  The Chairside experience includes chairside practice with the instructing dentist, dental hygienists, and certified dental assistants.  There is chairside practice in role-playing situations with each other, learning and practicing moisture control and isolation, utilizing a dental dam, studying of instruments and uses, completing tray set-ups, sterilizing, disinfecting, mixing restorative materials, recording procedures, and the caring for instruments and hand pieces. The composition and properties of the dental materials used will be taught at an in-depth level.


DENTAL RADIOLOGY with LAB                                  #1DAT04         75 hours

The Radiology Theory course is designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge and understanding of radiographic film including composition, developing process, digital imaging and exposure.  The theory behind various radiographic techniques includes paralleling, bisecting angle, occlusal, and extra oral techniques are taught in detail.  Projection, exposure and processing pitfalls, practice strategies, and normal radiographic anatomy are taught. The lab corresponds with the basic principles of ionizing radiographic intraoral and extraoral projections utilizing the techniques taught in lecture. Hands on manipulations of instrumentation with various film/sensor holders are utilized.  Darkroom techniques utilizing manual and automatic processing, duplication and processing of films, digital imaging, mounting, and evaluation of radiographs recognizing processing and exposing errors are all covered.  The lab includes numerous complete mouth radiographic surveys exposed on dental mannequin (DXTTR). At the completion of the course the student should be able to expose, process, and interpret diagnostically acceptable radiographs or images on a dental radiology mannequin utilizing the principles presented.


PROSTHETICS with LAB                                              #1DAT05         75 hours

Prosthetics is a comprehensive course with respective labs with content of dental materials at an in-depth level covering composition and properties of materials used in dentistry. The lab components allow the students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of the properties, basic principles and competence in manipulation of the dental materials in a laboratory setting, allowing the student to fabricate given projects. This course is designed to introduce the student to the different dental materials utilized in dentistry and to provide the students with the knowledge necessary to understand and manipulate the materials successfully. Education in the areas of dental material recognition, gypsum, alginate properties, elastomeric impression materials, dental waxes, materials used in the fabrication of provisional crowns, and partial denture and full denture materials are covered. After foundation knowledge is presented, the lab procedures are demonstrated to the students, emphasizing techniques, use, and storage of materials. The students are observed and helped while they complete the fabrication of the assigned dental appliance or model. The composition and properties of the dental materials used will be taught at an in-depth level. The students will work with such materials as gypsum, waxes, resins, acrylics, thermoplastics, hydroplastics, alginate, final impression materials, occlusal registration materials, custom trays, partial and full dentures, working casts, and study models. This course enables the student to apply his/her knowledge and experiences in order to advance to expanded functions in second semester, where they fabricate and work with bleaching trays and provisional crowns and bridges.


DENTAL MATERIALS                                                  #1DAT10              35 Hours

Dental Materials is an in depth level study of dental applications and materials.   This encompasses the composition and properties of materials used in the contemporary practice of dentistry.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of properties for competence in uses and manipulation performed in the respective laboratory courses.  Emphasis is placed on procedures for which the dental assistant is directly responsible.  This course is designed to introduce the student to the different dental materials utilized in dentistry and to provide the students with the knowledge necessary to understand and manipulate the materials successfully. This course content will align with Prosthetics Lab, Chairside lab I, and Fundamentals lab. Education in the areas of; dental material recognition, gypsum and the fabrication of casts, alginate properties, elastomeric impression materials, amalgam materials, composite materials, dental liners and bases, thermoplastics, dental waxes, dental cements, materials used in the fabrication of provisional crowns including acrylics, occlusal restorations, and partial denture and full denture materials are covered.


COMPUTERS FOR DENTAL ASSISTANTS                    #1DAT07         30 hours

This course prepares students to use computers in a dental office environment.  Through hands on activities students will broaden their understanding of computer hardware and software.  You will use Windows 7, Microsoft Word 2010.


INFECTION CONTROL I                                               #1DAT08         30 hours

Infection Control I is a comprehensive study of disease prevention methods.  All aspects of infection control needed by dental healthcare workers to conduct themselves efficiently and safety in the workplace are taught at an in-depth level.  Education in the areas of; management and selection of personal protective equipment (PPE), strategies to prevent disease transmission, instrument processing and sterilization, disinfection, aseptic techniques, occupational exposure, selection of safety devices, and immunization of healthcare worker are covered. The guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC, OSHA, OSAP, and the ADA Infection Control Protocol are core components of this course.


DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT I                         #1DAT09         30 hours

This course focuses on business skills to operate a successful dental practice. This course discusses the front office aspect of dentistry, the management of Patient Information   files, and clinical. Students will learn how the business of dentistry is changing to meet the needs of today’s market and patients. Students will utilize the dental office management software “Dentrix” throughout the course.

Semester II


EXPANDED FUNCTIONS with LAB                             #2DAT10         45 hours

Expanded Functions with Laboratory is a performance based course which covers the additional delegable dental duties not covered in Chairside and Prosthetics Laboratories. Dental assisting skills presented in this section include fixed prosthetics, oral surgery instrumentation, dental sealant application, coronal polishing of primary and adult dentition, the administration of a variety of topical fluoride treatments, application of desensitizing agents, fabrication bleaching trays and procedure, fabrication and insertion/removal of provisional crowns and bridges, removal of temporary cement, placement and carving of various restorative materials, and the monitoring and recording of vital signs are practiced. The composition and properties of the dental materials used will be taught at an in-depth level.  General lab assignments are part of this course. Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Dental Assisting Lab, Prosthetics Lab, and Chairside Lab I


DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT II                        #2DAT09         30 hours

This second semester course is a continuation of Dental Practice Management 1 and focuses on the financial aspects of the dental practice. Students will continue to use the dental office management software “Dentrix”. Students will continue to develop the business skills necessary to operate a successful dental practice In addition; students will participate in a Radiology project that will require them to communicate the results of dental radiographs to patients and/or practitioners. Prerequisite: Dental Practice Management I


DENTAL SCIENCE II                                                     #2DAT02         70 hours

The second semester involves a detailed study of the anatomy of the head and neck.  Basic pathology with the emphasis on diseases of the oral region is included.  This course provides instruction in the dental specialties, which include oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and implantology. Dental charting instruction and practice is built upon charting skills acquired in Dental Science II, including dictation, periodontal charting, pediatric charting, and reinforcing electronic charting. Nutrition is covered as it relates to oral health and dental caries. Modified diets necessary after dental procedures and conditions are presented for the understanding of patient education purposes. This course will provide the students with the knowledge needed to react to medical emergencies. Pre-requisite: Dental Science I


CHAIRSIDE LAB II                                                        #2DAT03         40 hours

Continuation of Chairside Laboratory I, this course teaches students the techniques used at chairside for fourhanded dentistry concentrating on the dental specialties.  Students utilize the skills mastered in Chairside Lab 1 to complete hands-on procedures in periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, and fixed prosthetics.  This reinforces the importance of procedure efficiency and application of dental materials, while emphasizing the duties of an expanded functions dental assistant. Students will remove sutures, place and remove periodontal dressings, assist on root canal procedures, assist with a complex restoration, and place and remover numerous bands. Students will record the procedures with which they assist. Prerequisite: Chairside Laboratory I


DENTAL RADIOLOGY with LAB II                               #2DAT04         70 hours

The Dental Radiology II course is designed to build on the student’s fundamental knowledge of dental radiology.  Radiology Theory II includes the following subjects as they relate to dental radiography:  the production and absorption of ionizing radiation, the physics and generation, radiographic characteristic imaging, the biology and safety, the interpretation of common oral diseases, infection control, legal and ethical issues, use in implantology, occlusal views and localization techniques, special needs, digital, and extra oral radiology. The students will position patients for panoramic radiographs and perform an extraoral view on DXTTR. The students will apply their acquired knowledge to expose three full mouth series on live patients using proper infection control. The students are responsible to appoint their patients, review the medical histories, set up their radiology rooms and trays, expose a full mouth series, and appropriately sterilize or discard their instruments.   For digital sets, the students must digitize and print the images, and email the dentist the surveys and letters. At the completion of the Radiology Lab II, the student should be able to be proficient in the dental radiology principles as presented. Each student must take a full mouth series on three different patients and also assist a fellow student with radiology patients two times. The student is encouraged to use patients of various dentition, where indicated. Prerequisite: Dental Radiology with Lab


INFECTION CONTROL II                                              #2DAT08         30 hours

Infection Control II focuses on the current regulatory aspects related to infection control in the dental setting. Emphasis is placed on the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC, OSHA, and ADA Infection Control protocol. The areas of education and training in this section will include; dental unit water asepsis, management and interpretation of MSDS sheets, dental related environmental hazards, managing chemicals safely, dental waste disposal, a comprehensive study of blood borne pathogens and the OSHA blood borne pathogen standard, emerging diseases, oral and respiratory disease prevention, and CDC prevention guidelines for infection control in dental health care setting. Prerequisite: Infection Control I


CAREER READINESS                                                   #2DAT11         10 hours

This course provides students with the necessary tools and skills to obtain employment as a dental assistant and build a successful career. Topics include but are not limited to resume writing skills, cover letters, developing a professional reference page, interview preparation, thank you letters, how to use outside resources to plan a job search, and how social media affects the hiring process.


CLINICAL EXTERNSHIP                                               #2DAC01         327 hours

To provide the students with a 300-hour clinical experience that exposes them to a general office and different specialties in order to further develop their clinical skills. The course allows the student to experience the chairside activities and the varied expanded duties of a Certified Dental Assistant and Expanded Duties Dental Assistant, while further refining clinical skills for future employment. Placements are with local dental offices, clinics, and off-site facilities. The students are required to complete all assigned clinical hours, written assignments, and seminars.