Semester I


Cooking Skills I #1CAT01                                                180 Hours

150 Lab/ 30 Classroom

The fundamentals and theory of cooking techniques will be taught in this 10 week course. Students will be introduced to basic cooking concepts in both the classroom and kitchen environment. Students will be introduced to cooking techniques, Garde Manger, stocks, soups, poultry fabrication and cooking, meat cookery, and seafood identification and cookery. Students will learn plate presentation and garnishing techniques.

ServSafe/ HACCP Principles #1CAT02                        30 Hours

Allergen/ ServSafe Certification

This course will prepare students to take the National ServSafe exam as well as purchasing, receiving and storing food properly. Students will learn about food allergens and take the Massachusetts Food Allergen course. Students will learn HACCP procedures and how to create a HACCP plan.

Nutrition / Menu Planning #1CAT03                              30 hours

Students will be introduced to nutritional guidelines, basic nutrients and promotion of healthy cooking and eating. Students will learn to create a variety of healthy menus including buffet, a la carte, and specialty menus.

Baking Concepts I #1CAT04                                             30 hours

This course prepares students for the production of a variety of baked goods including breads, cakes, pastries and plated desserts. Students will learn how to prepare and present baked goods for sale in restaurant bakery with importance placed on visual appearance and proper baking procedures.

OSHA Certification #1CAT06                                          15 Hours

Students will earn their OSHA 10 card while following OSHA certification course guidelines.

Computer Applications #1CAT07                                  15 Hours

This course focuses common business application software packages. Students will be exposed to Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel and explore their use in food service.

Semester II


Cooking Skills II #2CAT01                                               204 Hours

170 Lab/ 33 Classroom

This course builds on the Cooking Skills I curriculum. Students will be introduced to meat identification and fabrication, herbs and spices, sauces, thickening agents and their ingredients, advanced garnishing, Garde Manger, and plate presentation. Students will create and implement menus to support a la carte, buffet, banquet production, and service.

Baking Concepts II #2CAT04                                          30 hours

This course builds on the Baking Concepts I curriculum.

Dining Room Essentials #2CAT05                                36 Hours

Tips/ Crowd Control         25Lab/ 20Class room

This course introduces students to proper dining room procedures and etiquette. Students will become TIPS certified in beverage service and will be trained in crowd control and dining room safety. Students will develop proper front-of-the-house skills while working in the dining room.

Externship #2CAE01                                                      200 Hours

Students will have the opportunity to explore careers in the field of Culinary Arts. Placements are with local restaurants, hotels, and food service locations. The students will be required to complete all required hours.

Job Readiness / Portfolio #2CAT08                              30 Hours

Students will search for jobs and will create a portfolio with their pictures from previous courses. Students will create a resume, cover letter and complete job applications as well as participate in mock interviews. Proper interviewing techniques will be discussed and practiced.



Cooking School Brockton

A school for Culinary Arts Brockton at Southeastern Technical Institute! STI has been educating students since 1968. Culinary Arts is taught in our state of the art kitchen with experienced chefs. As an educational leader we’re proud of our in-depth training programs offered at Southeastern Technical Institute for cooking certificate Brockton.