Hair Care Theory/Lab I #1CTT01                                                    180 Hours

Students will be introduced to the physical structure of the hair and how it grows.   Students will apply the guidelines for proper shampooing, conditioning and rinsing for practical applications. Students will learn the proper procedure and techniques needed to complete successful scalp treatments on a variety of clients and scalp conditions Students will be introduced to all aspects of cosmetology past and present, including communication, professionalism, safety and sanitation. Students have a brief overview of many different salon services by manikin demonstration. This class explains the basics of hair design, fingerwaving, pincurls, and what tools are used to create desired results. Students will then learn practical application of all the classic techniques & elements of hairstyling. This course will also introduce the basics of haircutting. Students will learn about the tools needed to achieve basic haircuts, as well as how to use each tool. Body position and hand elevation will be stressed during these classes. Students will practice performing these haircuts repeatedly until standards are met.


Cosmetology Related Science I #1CTT02                                     30 Hours

Students will learn about infection control and the proper sanitation procedures for each task they will complete as cosmetologists. Students will learn the science behind the hair and scalp. They will learn about the different structures of the hair root and the layers of the hair shaft. They will also learn about the most common scalp disorders and hair loss. Students will learn the basics of chemistry and how it relates to the cosmetology field. They will learn about the pH scale and how it works. The basics of chemistry will help the students understand the different chemicals they will be dealing with when they learn hair color and hair texturing in trimester II. The students will learn the basics of electricity. This course covers all the topics necessary to complete electrified styling techniques for the hair. The basics of electricity are explained as well as how to care for electrified equipment used in the modern beauty salon.


Skin Care Theory/Lab I #1CTT03                                                   60 Hours

The structures of the skin as well as all of its relative anatomy and functions will be taught in this course. The students will also learn about skin disorders and diseases and the protocol that should be followed. This ensures safety to the practitioner and their patrons as they begin to learn the basics of esthetics. Basic practical applications of facials, hair removal, and makeup will be taught in this course.


Nail Care Theory I #1CTT04                                                            30 Hours

The structure of the hands, feet and nails are taught in this course. Practical application of basic manicuring and pedicuring are also instructed during this course. This course explains in depth the anatomy of the hands and feet as well as proper procedures to care for them. The students will also learn about nail disorders and diseases so they can properly deal with them when in a salon setting. Sanitation practices that are needed to prevent cross contamination as well as to promote healthy nail care.




Hair Care Theory/Lab II #2CTT01                                                   240 Hours

Students will have the opportunity to explore wigs, hair extensions, braids and weaves. This course will explain how to measure for a wig.   This course prepares the student for chemical texturizing services for the hair. Students will learn the basics of hair relaxing while using mock chemicals and how to prepare the hair to receive chemical processes. Students will apply actual chemicals to process the manikin hair to see various results.   This class teaches the student all the hair color basics. Students will learn hair color chemistry and consultation styles. Included in this course is the color wheel and how to use it to produce beautiful hair color results.


Nail Care Theory/Lab II #2CTT04                                                   30 Hours

Students are introduced to artificial nail applications including nail tips and wraps. Also covered are salesmanship and client courtesy as well as professional conduct.


Cosmetology Related Business I #2CTT05                                   30 Hours

This course will introduce the students to the business side of cosmetology. In this course the students will learn the history of cosmetology and all of the different career opportunities available to them once they become licensed. They will also learn about working in a salon and how they can be successful. Salon professionalism and ethics will also be discussed.




Hair Care Theory/Lab III #3CTT01                                                  280 hours

This class reinforces previously taught techniques and expands upon them. Students will advance their haircutting skills to include texturizing, razor cutting and style design. This course will also cover the advanced techniques needed to chemically change the structure of the hair. This course reveals more in-depth color information behind hair color. Students will use their skills from previous courses to consult, recommend and achieve professional color results on all different types of hair. Students will be able to confidently complete all basic cuts as well as add elements of style into a cut to personalize them.


Skin Care Theory/Lab II #3CTT03                                                  30 hours

Students will build upon the knowledge from Skin Care Theory/Lab I enhancing their skills in proper procedure, protocol and safety. Basic practical applications of facials, hair removal, and makeup will be taught in this course.


Nail Care Theory/Lab III #3CTT04                                                 30 hours

Students are introduced to artificial nail applications including acrylic and gel nails. Also covered are salesmanship and client courtesy as well as professional conduct.


Cosmetology Related Science II #3CTT02                                    30 hours

The students will learn the basics of anatomy and physiology and how it relates the field of cosmetology. This course will teach them the importance of anatomy and physiology in this profession. They will learn about the different tissues and body systems located in the body.


Cosmetology Related Business II #3CTT05                                  30 hours

This course covers vital skills needed to become successful both in the cosmetology field and prepare the student for the workforce. Students will also participate in mock interviews. They will learn about the types of positions cosmetologists are able to work, how to connect with others and build a clientele.   Students will search for jobs and create a portfolio. Students will learn how to build their resumes, cover letters and complete job applications. Proper interviewing techniques will be discussed and practiced.

Each class (except job readiness) will include instruction on course relative sanitation. This is to protect client safety.   Each course also includes anatomy and hygiene specific to the topic of course. In addition salesmanship, ethics, courtesy and conduct that are relative to that specific course will be discussed. Time is also dedicated to testing both practical skills and written/oral exams.

Hair Dressing school Brockton

Take steps towards you Brockton Cosmetology Career with STI. We have expanded to include a brand new Brockton Cosmetology Program for students. Our first class started in March of 2014 and is taught in our state of the art Cosmetology Laboratory with experienced teachers. As a Hair school for Brockton, we’re proud of our in-depth training programs offered at Southeastern Technical Institute.