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Culinary Arts Course Descriptions


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Cooking Skills I

#1CAT01 | 190 hours

The fundamentals and theory of cooking techniques will be taught in this 10-week course. Students will be introduced to basic cooking concepts in both the classroom and kitchen environment. Students will be introduced to cooking techniques, Garde Manger, stocks, soups, poultry fabrication and cooking, meat cookery, and seafood identification and cookery. Basic dessert and baking concepts as well as plate presentation and garnishing techniques.


#1CAT02 | 25 hours

ServSafeAllergen, ServSafe Manager, Certification, OSHA, Food Truck Permitting

This course will prepare students to take the National ServSafe exam as well as purchasing, receiving, and storing food properly. Students will learn about food allergens and take the Massachusetts Food Allergen course. Students will learn HACCP procedures and how to create a HACCP plan. Students will earn their OSHA 10 card while following OSHA certification course guidelines.

Nutrition / Menu Planning

#1CAT03 | 10 hours

Students will be introduced to nutritional guidelines, basic nutrients and promotion of healthy cooking and eating. Students will learn to create a variety of healthy menus including buffet, a la carte, and specialty menus.


#1CAE01 | 24 hours

Students will work in the industry to gain real-world experience in the field.

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