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Earlier this month, STI’s Practical Nurse students and Southeastern’s Nurse Assisting high school students participated in a simulation collaboration. The students were given a brief scenarios of patient situations with guided skills to perform. Teamwork ensued as they worked together discussing best practices to care for the patients. High fidelity simulation which involves the use of sophisticated life-like manikins in realistic patient environments took place during the lab exercise. Nurse assisting students also played the roles of the patients.

In the simulation scenario, students dealt with diagnosis such as ostomy care, fractured hip, ankle sprain, asthma flare, nausea/vomiting and catheter care. Students practiced properly entering the room and introducing themselves, hand washing, identifying the patient, explaining the skill and getting consent, providing for privacy, obtaining vital signs, assessing pain and performing the skill related to diagnosis. During debriefing, the students discussed what they did well, what they wanted to improve on and what they would do differently next time.

“Watching both groups of students work together and share their knowledge was amazing!!!” Mrs. Miller, Practical Nurse instructor.

“Today in SIM was an incredible experience. I really appreciated getting to work with different people and get a feel for realistic scenarios. I am glad that we did not get too much information on what was going on before we actually went in so that we had to actually think about the next step.” – Allyson R., Practical Nurse student.

Nurse Assisting students enjoyed the real life experiences that the Practical Nurse students brought to the SIM. “Watching the student nurses and student nurse aides collaborate on the proper care for their patient was exciting,” Mrs. Munro, Nurse Assisting Instructor.

“One thing I enjoyed about the simulation was the aspect of collaborating with the CNA’s. Since a big part of our job is delegation and working with them on a day to day basis it was nice to get some practice in that aspect. Also, I enjoyed being able to help them with terms in regards to breathing that they hadn’t come across yet. The CNA students here at Southeastern are phenomenal and know a lot, they are very helpful and eager to continue learning! I’m looking forward to doing a simulation like this one in the near future.” – Monica V., Practical Nurse student.

The simulation lab has six bays, made up of beds and exam tables, which are set up to mimic a patient care area. The control room allows plenty of room for faculty to conduct the scenario and students to observe.

STI’s Practical Nurse Program prepares graduates to take the NCLEX-PN to become Licensed Practical Nurses. Click here to learn more about the Practical Nurse Program options.

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School Nurse Assisting Program prepares graduates to become Certified Nurse Assistants or Home Health Aides. Click here to learn more about the Nurse Assisting Program.