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Sabrina Beaudry

“My experience in this program was nothing less than extraordinary! I walked into STI being 21 and already going to college once for something I didn’t love. Lost and confused I knew I wanted to help others and try my hand in the medical field. STI’s program not only taught me professionalism but also taught me compassion for others. I gained hands-on experience and was provided support to ensure that I understood, and was comfortable with, the skills that were being taught. Upon graduation I was confident & knowledgeable in my field, but I also knew I could reach out to my instructors for any assistance if needed. Though school has ended I have contacted them from time to time with questions and  they respond immediately! The teachers became like family and were my biggest supporters. I truly believe STI has the best Medical Assisting program out there.”



Ty Garcia

“This program has been quite the journey filled with all of the emotions. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. I came into this program with the hopes of a stable career and so far I’ve been able to gain so much more than that. This program pushes you to achieve and allows you to discover your potential and the true meaning of hard work. In the beginning I was intimidated, which comes with anything “new” especially being a mom of 3, but with the amazing instructors and the support they have given me throughout the program I have reached a potential I never knew I had within me. This isn’t just an ordinary program where you will receive a certification – this is one that teaches you to go beyond that. With anything there are “what if’s” but if you give it your all and put your heart into it you will succeed. If you are looking for a sign as to whether you should apply to this program, let this be it! Choosing STI was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my children.”

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