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Congratulations to these deserving graduates of the 2020 Practical Nurse Program!

The Outstanding Vocational Student Toolship Award was presented to Brittany Nuby as nominated by the faculty. Brit is an incredibly deserving student of the toolship award. From day one in the program, Brit realized the importance and the value of every lesson. She sought to truly learn and understand the material, even though doing so sometimes took extra time and effort. She was never afraid to ask questions to deepen her understanding of material and truly realized that she was not just studying to pass a test, but to have the knowledge to care for patients. I was consistently impressed by her drive to learn to be the best nurse she can possibly be. Brittany is a dedicated, enthusiastic student, always eager to learn. She engaged in simulation as she was taking care of a real patient, wanting to provide the safest, most effective care.

The Academic Excellence Award was presented to Hillary White. Hillary’s academic potential shone through from the beginning of the program. It was clear that Hillary put in the work necessary to be successful in the program. Her hard work paid off as she graduated with the highest GPA in the Class of 2020.
The Clinical Excellence Award was presented to Katelyn Ventura. Katelyn’s desire to be a great nurse was apparent in the effort she put into learning class material and from the interactions that she had with patients. It is clear to see that Katelyn’s natural caring nature and compassion will make her a truly exceptional nurse to her patients.
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