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If you’re getting bored being at home, don’t pick up shears to cut your own hair. All the hat stores are closed. 🙂

For many of us, regular appointments at the salon are part of our normal routine. It’s tempting to want to cut and color our own hair, but our Cosmetology students and faculty recommend waiting. What can you do instead? If you color and have regrowth, wearing your hair forward toward your face can buy some time. Mascara is a great way to cover grey around your face until the salons reopen.

For a relaxing nail treatment, whether you have real or acrylic nails, remove polish, soak and file. Push back your cuticle. Apply a clear coat and allow it to dry. Use a hole punch reinforcement sticker cut in half to place just below the free edge to create a half moon. Paint it white or any color you like. Allow it to dry, remove the sticker and follow with clear beige or pink. Now to make it last do one more coat with a sparkle in it, it resists chipping. Now you have a pretty french manicure!

The Cosmetology Program at Southeastern Technical Institute in South Easton, Massachusetts, prepares graduates to sit for the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology licensing exam after completion of our 1,000 hour program. Since the program began at STI in 2014, 100% of our graduates have passed the exam. If you are interested in beginning the Cosmetology evening program in September or January, click here to learn more and to apply.

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