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Our homes utilize large and small appliances, many of these devices have electronics built in that even when off, not in use or in standby mode, draw power.

Most electronics like cellphone chargers, wireless charging platforms, portable vacuums, and computers all draw power when off.  This is known as phantom or vampire electricity.

It is important to unplug appliances like your toaster, toaster oven, mixers, chargers, computers, etc., when not in use. If these items are plugged in, electricity is being used.  It is estimated that the average household uses $165.00 per year in phantom electricity.

It’s also important to unplug unused devices to protect the electronics from power surges. Follow this tip to protect your home and your wallet.

The 10-month Electricity Program at Southeastern Technical Institute in South Easton, MA prepares students for entry into the electrical skilled trades industry, including apprenticeship. This program includes tier 1 (300 hours) towards fulfillment of the 600 required hours of education by the Massachusetts Board of Electrical Examiners for Journeyman Electricians. Graduates also earn up to 400 hours of work experience towards their Journeyman Electrician License. The next Electricity Program begins in January 2021 and space is limited. Click here to learn more, or apply to the Electricity Program.