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Approximately 200 guests attended the 1st Annual Taste of STI which took place on Thursday evening May 19th. We truly appreciated the time, effort, and participation of all the vendors who provided delicious samples of their signature dishes and beverages. A sincere thanks goes out to (click on their name for more information):

During the event, STI’s first graduating class of Cosmetology  students paired up to perform in a runway show. The students chose themes and utilized their acquired training and skills to create a unique look with hair, make up, and costume. Thank you to all of our students and staff for the hard work and preparation that went into making the Avante-Garde a huge success!

  • Amanda Gordon/Melanie Neves – Warrior Princess    Best Overall
  • Kelly Bishop/Jessika Pierce – Mystical Mermaid           Best Hair
  • Angela Demarco/Tommy Lewando – The Mad Hatter  Best MakeUp
  • Katie Jones/Shakeisha Thomas – Sweet Treats
  • Kara Galligan/Mackenzie Burgess – Geisha Girl
  • Erica Goncalves/Sarah Darosa – Cruella Devil
  • Jahida Spellberg/Jilson Viera – The Great Gatsby
  • Alicia Cruz/Maggie Meyers – The Corpse Bride

In closing a few words of reflection from the Director of STI , Dave Degan:

“Having spent my entire adult life connected to both the field of education and the hospitality industry, I was personally excited to be part of the team that developed and implemented our first Taste of STI.  The event was conceptualized as a way to show off our new Post-secondary Culinary Arts and Cosmetology Programs to the public, and in the end, the event became much more than that.  Being a food guy, I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the food products offered by the vendors.  It was great to walk around during the event and hear the comments of the 225 patrons who attended the event, as they gushed over the food that filled their plates. I was especially proud of the peach shrimp, fruit smoothies, and chocolate wedding cake that was prepared and served by our post-secondary Culinary Arts students and staff. The evening was topped off by the eight teams of designers and models from our Cosmetology Program who put on an amazing Avant-Garde show.  If you missed the 1st Taste of STI, mark your calendar today for our 2nd Taste of STI on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. ”


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