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Each year prior to Externship the Medical Assisting Program invites members of our Advisory Committee, Community Partners and student mentors to participate in a panel discussion. The topics include professional behavior in the workplace, Extern expectations on the part of the community partners and mentors, job readiness and interviewing skills.

The students benefit from important tips on the Extern process and the job search. The panel members, since they are intimately familiar with the program curriculum, also reinforce the importance of keeping busy, asking questions, working within the student scope as well as study tips for the CMA exam and maintaining high professional standards as set forth in the program.


A special thanks to this year’s panel:

Leila Kosofsky – Advisory Board member, representing the administrative viewpoint

Maria Buckley – Advisory Board member and Alumna, representing the clinical aspect of student medical assisting

Shannon Fralick – Alumna, also representing the clinical aspect

Rhonda Jermyn – STI Admissions Advisor, offered tips on job search and readiness

Lori Cousens – Advisory Board member and Instructor, representing clinical, administrative and job readiness advice

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