Introduction to Baking


Introduction to Baking


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Few things beat the smell and taste of a freshly-baked loaf of bread, hot from the oven. These classes combine instruction with hands-on training to teach you how to make a variety of tasty yeast breads, savory and sweet quick breads. These classes will teach the following skills.

  • Identify types of leavening used in bread production
  • Identify steps in bread production
  • Identify bread mixing methods
  • Describe the functions and types of washes (egg wash, milk wash)
  • Prepare sweet variety quick breads (muffins, scones)
  • Prepare savory variety quick breads (biscuit, cornbread)
  • Prepare soft yeast breads and crusty yeast breads
  • Prepare specialty yeast breads (whole grain, artisan)
  • Each student will get to bring home what they make

Instructor:  Chef John Perry