Semester I

Introduction to Computers #1PLT01                                                                                        30 hours 1.0 Credit

Hands on laboratory course designed to utilize personal computers in a small business. Students learn the basics of computer hardware and learn about operating systems by using Microsoft Windows XP. Applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Publisher will be used to generate documents helpful to a small business.

Piping Practices & Materials #1PLT02                                                                                     45 hours 1.5 Credits

This course is designed to teach the piping practices and most common material used in the Plumbing industry. Students will learn to cut, solder, thread, and make connections for copper, steel, PVC, cast iron, PEX and CSST piping.

Drainage Systems #1PLT03                                                                                                        45 hours 1.5 Credits

Students will learn basic drainage and venting concepts along with complex drain and vent concepts as they apply to single family home, multi-family home, commercial and industrial applications.

Math for Plumbing #1PLT04                                                                                                       30 hours 1.0 Credit

This course provides students with the math skills required to be successful in the Plumbing field. The student will complete applied problems from the Plumbing industry. Students will solve word problems and equations. Business math applications will also be discussed.

Water Distribution Systems #1PLT05                                                                                     45 hours 1.5 Credits

In this course students will design, fabricate, and install potable water distribution systems. Students will be able to identify and describe the basic types of water piping material and layout methods.

Gas Distribution System #1PLT06                                                                                           90 hours 3.0 Credits

Students will learn the difference between Natural and LP gas dynamics, piping material, sizing methods and NFPA 54 code requirements demonstrating an understanding of the terms and concepts used in gas piping. They will understand gas appliances and BTU requirements. Lastly, they will identify the major components of a gas piping system and explain how each works.

248 CMR & NFPA 54 Laws & regulations #1PLT07                                                              30 hours 1.0 Credit

Students will be introduced to the Massachusetts State Laws and Regulations governing plumbing and gasfitting.

Semester II

Trade Business Practices #2PLT08                                                                                            30 hours 1.0 Credit

This course is designed to provide students with job readiness skills to meet the challenges in today’s workforce. It enables students to enter the workforce with an understanding of what is needed and expected from them in their job search. It will teach students how to calculate markup and multiple discounts along with the basics of customer service. This course will also address some common job readiness skills such as cover letter preparation, resume preparation, and more.

Hot Water Heating #2PLT09                                                                                                  120 hours 4.0 Credits

Upon completion of this course students will have installed a gas fired and electric 40 gallon hot water heater, a gas fired on-demand hot water heater and a gas fired combined heat and hot water unit. Students will add various safety valves, pumps, control valves, and accessories to the systems. All systems will be adjusted, live fired, to meet state and local codes. Students will learn the basic operating sequence for before mentioned equipment. They will identify and correctly utilize the tools and instruments used in troubleshooting before mentioned systems.

Plumbing Fixtures and Trim #2PLT10                                                                                      30 hours 1.0 Credit

Students in this course will learn the difference between residential and commercial plumbing fixtures, fixture trim and installation methods. Upon completion of this course they will have installed plumbing fixtures that comprise and a full bath including toilet, lavatory and tub and/or shower unit.

Residential & Commercial Applications #2PLT11                                                              120 hours 5.0 Credits

Students in this course will learn the difference between residential and commercial piping material, plumbing fixtures & trim and installation methods. They will also understand the differences in gas piping material and gas fired units as they pertain to residential and commercial use.

Construction Drawing #2PLT12                                                                                                45 hours 1.5 Credits

Students will read and interpret blueprints and architect’s plans. Students will develop a field set of plumbing and gas fitting plans with the actual installation of piping and fittings. Students will utilize the drawings created to complete takeoff procedures for plumbing and gas systems.