A certified health claims specialist can work in a variety of health care settings: hospital, long term care, doctor’s office, and dentist office, but will have little or no contact with patients.

They can do billing, coding of patient treatments for insurance purposes, medical transcription, manage patient records, computer entry. The Health Claims Specialist can do all these jobs maybe in a small medical practice or specialize in one aspect working in a large hospital.


Candidates for admission to the health claims specialist program are required to submit the following:

1. A completed application along with a $20.00 application fee (Non-Refundable)

2. Proof of high school graduation with an official transcript, or official GED (scores needed). Foreign diplomas must be translated to English and a certified equivalency to U.S. education must be provided

3. Program is not financial aid eligible, however payment plans are available.


Employment is expected to grow much faster than average.

Work in a variety of work settings with varied hours and part-time employment and home employment an option.

Starting salary: $33,000 – $35,000



  • Part-time Evening Schedule
  • Semesters Start: September, January, & April
  • Each course is priced individually, see below for semester offerings.
  • Students will have the option of following a Medical
    Coding/Billing Pathway or elect to take courses without certification.
  • It is highly recommended that students follow the course schedule so they are prepared to sit for the CBCS (Certified Billing/Coding Specialist) Exam.


One year program (Click on the course for more information.)

Semester I:
1. Medical Terminology
2. Anatomy & Physiology
3. Medical Ethics & Law

Semester II: (Prerequisite Semester I)
1. Medical Billing
2. Microsoft Office/Typing Skills

Semester III: (Prerequisite Semester I & II)
1. Introduction To Medical Coding & CBCS Exam Review
2. CBCS Exam
3. Health Claims Specialist Externship 120 hours optional